Ritual Tequila Alternative

26 reviews
alcohol free Ritual Tequila Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Tequila Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Tequila Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Tequila Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Tequila Alternative free shipping - nanobar

Ritual Tequila Alternative

26 reviews
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Made for margaritas, Ritual Tequila Alternative has been known to fool some people. In fact, close your eyes, take a sip, and tell us it doesn't have everything you expect out of a great marg. A few sips later and you might even feel like you're on a beach. (This works especially well if you're actually on a beach.)

Filtered water, natural flavors, sugar, citric acid, xanthan gum, salt, caramel color.

Serving Size 25.5oz
Calories: 0 kcal
Sodium: 340mg
Fat: 0g
Sugar: <17g
Carbs: 17g
Protein: 0g

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Lila C.
United States

I like it, no it is not Tequila or really even 'Tequila like'

It does not taste like Tequila, at all. It however does taste very good to me. And that is the real thing, everybody likes something different. The other reviews are accurate, very full flavored with a forward black pepper finish. A bit too floral at the onset, but it gets over it pretty quickly. Great in mixed drinks. I am ordering more. Don't listen to the 'Don't Buy It!' reviews. I can't swear you will like it, you might hate it. But it is worth a try if you are looking for a interesting mixer.

Dona E.
United States

Excellent sober choice!

This is what I have been waiting for since going sober for health reasons. I have just made a Marfa Ranch Water with Ritual Tequila Alternative, Topo Chico and lime, and it’s is as good as the original. If you are looking for a good alternative to the real thing, look no further!

Lucien K.
United States

Remarkably good

It's remarkably similar to tequila with the burn that you would expect to get from it. Honestly as with all of the Ritual products it's quite surprising how close they've been able to get it to the real thing.

Elaine A.
United States

Smells like tequila but spicy

The flavor is very spicy, but it does smell like tequila. We tried it on the rocks and although it smelled great it was very unpleasant as it burned going down, not like alcohol but like too much pepper in a sauce. When we mixed it it still kept the tequila smell which was nice but the flavor was still spicy and overwhelming. This is the best non-alcoholic imposter that I've found, but I wouldn't buy it again.

Newton T.
United States

Okay for some cocktails, not for others

We made a tequila sunrise and a margarita with this product. My husband hated the margarita and wouldn’t drink it after tasting. My friend and I found the margarita passable as a way to have a tequila-esque experience. I mixed it 2:1, Ritual to Roses Lime Juice, shaken and served over ice. Didn’t try adding anything to substitute for the triple sec but maybe there is something that would work. In the sunrise, the orange juice completely overwhelmed the tequila flavor so the product seemed useless for that cocktail. Though the product smells like tequila, shots do not taste like tequila and none of us liked them. The label suggests that might be the response. Unless I find a more satisfying concoction, I will be slow to order this again. I wonder why agave isn’t used to produce this product.

Lorraine C.
United States

The Best fake marg

I love real alcohol, especially bourbon and tequila. I’ve tried a lot of fake alcohols and the other ritual liquors are in my opinion utterly undrinkable — alone or in a “cocktail “. However, this one makes a totally solid faux marg. It’s oddly viscous like the other rituals but overall, when mixed in a ratio of 1.5 shots to two limes, .5 oz triple sec, and a bit of salt on ice, it truly mimics the heat of a margarita and tastes good . Even a bit spicy. Try tris one for margs and pass on all the other rituals . And do not under any circumstances drink it neat.

Mayra B.
United States

Good Bye Patron !!!

I have never thought about trying non-alcoholic drinks until I came across this website. Most of the time zero proof booze tastes pretty awful and does not come close to its counterpart. Once arrived, I tried it straight on the rocks, not a pleasant experience very smoky and peppery. I decided to grab anything I had in the house which was some sparkling water, Sprite, a wedge of lime, chili lime seasoning, and a jalapeno. The taste was amazing and the smokiness and pepper flavors blended so well, I can't wait to try with a good margarita mix or even a spicy limeade. Now I don't miss alcohol at all.

Josefina F.
United States

This is a GREAT tequila alternative!

I love a margarita this time of year but have been trying to cut down on alcohol consumption. I mix 2 ounces of this with fresh lime and a few drops of agave and it's very close to my regular margaritas. It has a nice smokiness and a bit of bite (which is very hard to find in alcohol free offerings). As an alternative, I sometimes include half an ounce of actual tequila and 1.5 ounces of Ritual (with the fresh lime and agave). It's great to be able to enjoy the same great tasting margarita with either no alcohol or significantly less alcohol than the drink would normally have.

United States

Alternative to the real thing!

I bought the tequila and rum to give me an alternative due to health reasons that restrict me having any alcohol. I like a margarita and the tequila came through! I like to add a wedge of squeezed orange to the mix. Haven’t tried the rum yet but getting some eggnog to sample it with. Appreciate the recipes! Would be nice to have this option when you go to a restaurant and want to order a cocktail. Plan on keeping this in stock! Thank you for making the non-alcoholic beverages an option for those of us that can’t or just don’t want the hang over! Well Done RITUAL!!

Queen P.
United States

Great taste!

Initially opens up with a smokey taste, 30 seconds - 1 minute later you get a nice burn on your lips and in your throat. I created a classic margarita and think it would be better suited with a spicy jalapeno drink - it's actually in Ritual's drink booklet and am excited to try it next. I went in without the expectation of an actual alcohol taste, so I wasn't disappointed at all. I tried a sip of the spirit alone, very smooth, immediately gives you a nice burn. First time trying a non-alcoholic spirit, and am pleasantly surprised. Would repurchase!

Justine M.
United States

You Can Have Margaritas again.

I gave up drinking a few years ago for health reasons, so unlike alcoholics there's no physical temptation to indulge on my part, but I did miss margaritas on a few hot summer days, so I gave it a try. It has exceeded my expectations by a factor of 100! I will buy this again--though it may take me a while to get through that bottle. I haven't tried it straight. Seems like it's a little thick for that, but it smells great. A big win! I mixed 3 oz fake tequila with about 2oz of frozen limeade concentrate (the stuff in cans) and a heaping tablespoon of frozen canned orange juice concentrate (sold right beside the limeade--as a sub for the Triple Sec) with about 8 large ice cubes to make a very convincing frozen margarita. The first time I used straight lime juice and the lime flavor overwhelmed--but I suppose a tablespoon of sugar might fix that.

Kieth H.
United States

Impressed finally by a n/a spirit!

I’ve tired a lot of n/a spirits/wines/beers since finding out I was pregnant. Some of them are worthless, some are okay and I like them fine (ritual Gin is one) but this is the first one I’ve seriously been impressed by. The nose on it shocked me and then when I made my little drink with it, wow. It has that smoky green peppery flavor and a real bite and burn. It’s spicy actually. I think a n/a product is never going to be the same obviously (or as good!) but this is by far the best I’ve tried and I will 100% buy this again. This is also tasty enough that I’d drink it even if I weren’t pregnant and just wanted to cut back on booze or calories.

Juliet R.
United States

It tastes and smells fantastic.

I would say this is probably on par with what I was used to in the day with 1800 Tequila. It certainly smells like it. The tequila flavor is a little weaker, but it is noticeably present and enjoyable. To simulate the bite, they added pepper. BRILLIANT! This really adds a whole lot to the experience. I'm flabbergasted by this. First zero-proof anything, and since I now have sensitivities to alcohol, the only thing I have been able to enjoy prior to this was non-alcoholic beer. I miss margaritas. That said, I will be a repeat customer for certain.

Eleanor D.
United States

This has long been my go-to for a tequila alternative in cocktails

On the nose Ritual's Tequila Alternative smells like, well, Tequila to me, and I mean even smelling like alcohol fumes are coming off of it, oddly. I really get alcohol and agave. To taste I get much the same and that peppery heat that Ritual can be known for. It's not the same as an alcohol burn, definitely more capsicum, but it still gives a nice warmth. There is bit of tartness to it as well, which works fine in most anything you would make with tequila. While it is more golden in color I would probably say this is more like a blanco tequila as I don't really detect a smokiness to it. In a margarita this one seems to let the agave stand out a bit more than other alternatives. 5 of 5 bottles. This has long been my go-to for a tequila alternative in cocktails and works really well in most things. Combine this with Lyre's Agave Reserva and you've got what I think is a 5.5 of 5 for a tequila alternative at the time of this writing!

Wanda H.
United States

Wow, RITUAL Tequila will be my new Ritual. Excellent taste!

RITUAL Tequila is a remarkable non-alcoholic option. It taste's like the real deal without the hang over. I bought the Agave syrup and put in a splash of margarita mix because the store was out of limes but it will be even better with fresh lime juice. It has an excellent finish that is spicy like the burn tequila gives you but it is not overpowering. I never bought Tequila for my home and only drank Margarita's on special occasions but I see this becoming a regular offering in my weekly routine. Well done and cheers!

Melinda S.
United States

A step in the right direction

I absolutely love having cocktails after work. Something that gives you a sensation, and I mean in the palate, not your head. For health reasons however, this has become something that is no longer a perfectly reasonable thing to do. The process of cutting alcohol out of my diet has been hampered by the desire for a cocktail, balanced with a preference for no alcohol. Having a pleasant alternative which can allow me to get the feel of a drink in my palate without the kick is exactly what I have been seeking. What made this perfect is that exact feel. The smell, taste, and effect in the palate and throat is just like a tequila. The peppery finish is very much like the burn of tequila as it goes down, and has that long term feel of ghost pepper. (Not super hot, but lingers for a long time.) Over the years, I have converted to frozen margaritas with low cal or no cal mixers. This is in part because of the lower total alcohol in the drink, for all the reasons mentioned above. It mixes very well, and frankly, I will be mixing this into my frozen margaritas from now on. I mean think about it, a zero calorie frozen margarita? Goes a long way to keeping me in this category forever.

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