Ritual Whiskey Alternative

19 reviews
alcohol free Ritual Whiskey Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Whiskey Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Whiskey Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Whiskey Alternative free shipping - nanobar

Ritual Whiskey Alternative

19 reviews
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The perfect complement to a good friend or a good book, Ritual Whiskey Alternative packs all the soul-warming heat and rich spice of a great American whiskey. A new-fashioned way to enjoy an Old Fashioned, it doesn't just play nice with orange or bitters, it cozies up to them like a fire on a cold day.

Ten calories and zero alcohol means it’s all upside any time. Balance achieved.

Filtered water, sugar, natural flavors, xanthan gum, citric acid.

Serving Size 25.5oz
Calories: 170 kcal
Sodium: 0mg
Fat: 0g
Sugar: <17g
Carbs: 34g
Protein: 0g

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Marilyn P.
United States

This whiskey alternative really tastes like the real thing!

My husband and the men in his family drank whiskey, a lot! In January, my he had to quit drinking alcohol because he fell and had a traumatic brain injury. It is now June, and he is doing great except for his short term memory has been altered. He was told that alcohol destroys brain cells. He loves it! He mixes it with his ginger ale and it really satisfies his taste for whiskey. It's hard to believe, but true! I am very thankful for this product! I enjoy it too! What a great product!!

Amado P.
United States

Awesome cocktails - no booze or calorie guilt

Doing a 90-day booze free challenge and this is AMAZING. Great, complex, oaky with a bite. Nightly on the rocks before/with or after dinner makes skipping wine way easier. Did the recommended “new fashioned” recipe (not counting the alcohol in two drops of bitters), and it’s legit. And low cal!

Mia E.
United States

0.0% Alcohol (isn't that what you are looking for?

Being a member of the Bahai Faith, I drink no alcohol whatsoever (never have and never will), but being an avid cook and baker with a collection of over 500 recipe books (that was three years ago, may be closer to 800 now), I have many, MANY recipes that require the use of spirits, and contrary to popular belief, alcohol will not "cook out" or evaporate in recipes (not entirely), so I am always on the look out for a 0.0% alcohol. I bought this particular brand to use in an apple pie recipe and to replace water in several other baked goods. This certainly gave my baked good a nice twist! Deliciousness without any of the alcohol. I do not claim to know about the flavor compared to the alcoholic version, but compared to other NON-alcoholic versions, this is more flavorful, more reasonably priced, and more well packaged (for gifting). If you are comparing this to its alcoholic counterpart, then you know it will not be the same, will it? But if you are eliminating alcohol from your system, for whatever reason, I recommend you give this brand a try. 0.0% Alcohol (isn't that what you are looking for?

Steven S.
United States

Great with a small catch

The Ritual Whiskey Alternative is amazing in a cocktail! It's slightly sweet and relaxed with herbal tea notes (just dialed up). I would recommend this if you're making mocktails or mixing, looking for an herbal American, like a rye without the spice and funk. That said, if you're looking for a whiskey alternative for a neat pour, this is porbably not what you want. The mouth feel and flavor notes don't stand up that well, in my opinion as an avid whiskey enthusiast, like a typical whiskey. But most people that are looking for this probably prefer the cocktails without the alcohol. For that I give this a solid 4/5! It's worth every penny and is a great option for people in the house that don't or can't drink :)

Leonardo E.
United States


I have been looking for a substitute for the bliss of bourbon ever since I gave up drinking. I needed something so strong it would stand up two rocks of ice for half an hour. RITUAL WHISKEY ALTERNATIVE curdled my tongue and twisted me up, hanging my taste buds out to dry like a really adversarial rye whiskey. This drink is so strong, so peppery and so persistent that it can only be compared to (and may go with) mashed Mexican peppers or Indian curries. I suspect the folks that make Ritual come to life believe in the product and have worked hard at achieving the subtle strength of this concoction without using alcohol. My advice to the un-initiated? Like the operas of Wager you will find the first taste really, really strange, but stick with it. Be open-minded. If, like me, you can't drink alcohol for whatever reason, this is the best alternative I've seen in a now-growing industry.

Reyna L.
United States

Exactly what is claims to be!

If you are looking for a sugary sweet something, this is probably not for you. If you like sipping on neat whiskey or having a whiskey soda sometimes and you are wanting to drink less or not at all, this may be for you. Reasons: 1. It's not booze. I chose to drink less alcohol, and I found this to be an enjoyable, affordable alternative to my evening nightcap. 2. It's not whiskey. Just like turkey 'bacon', carrot 'bacon', or any other medium combined with flavor to resemble bacon, it is a placeholder. 3. If you don't like it, that's okay, too. For me, the name is completely accurate and describes the experience. Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative: Ritual: After a long day, I enjoy the ritual of pouring a 1.5 to 2 oz neat bourbon and relaxing on the couch or outside. Zero Proof: Does a couple shots blur out the fear of the future? Sure, temporarily. Whiskey Alternative: See #2 above. Thank you to those who spent time to develop this beverage!

Tommie W.
United States

It’s not whiskey, but sure tastes like it.

As someone who likes to watch his alcohol intake for health reasons, but loves the taste of an after dinner cocktail, I was really intrigued to try an “alternative” drink. Having hated O’Doul’s and the like for years, I was dubious in moving to spirits. Having tried it a couple of nights in a row, though, I couldn’t be more surprised and pleased with the purchase. Now, in my opinion it doesn’t drink “neat” well, but has worked great as a mix and for cocktails. It’s not whiskey, but tastes like it in my Old Fashioned (wish they’d make alternative bitters), and I don’t worry about the health effects. I’ll be buying more for sure - interested in trying their other varieties.

Moises B.
United States

Decide for yourself: Do you like whiskle?

This stuff really needs a distinctive name besides "whiskey alternative" or "non-alcoholic whiskey", but it certaily does remind me of whiskey. I'm primarily a rye drinker, and I love a bottle of Willett. I'm interested in cocktails and I have a friend who doesn't drink. Recently he went looking through my bitters cabinet looking for something that would give him the experience of drinking a whiskey 'n coke. Sadly, there's nothing that you can take a few drops of along with your mixer that will make up the aromas and heat of whiskey. I took to the internet to see what could be done, and ended up ordering a bottle of this. The deeply divided reviews had me curious. Let me quickly run through what expectations this whiskle (if I may coin the term) will and won't live up to, based on the ways I've tried it so far. - As "pretend whiskey" to be sipped: 2/5 You'd never mistake this for whiskey. The bouquet has a lot of similar stuff going on; the vanilla, caramel and hint of wood smoke is there. But there's a note of something else, like a whiff of apples or cider vinegar. The flavor has that as well, but also can seem watered down compared to whiskey. If you're pretending it's whiskey and tasting it straight, it will disappoint your palate. - As a distinct drink in its own right: 4/5 After you get over the differences, you find that the flavor works well on its own, independent of its similarity to whiskey. It has a bit of acidity that whiskey does not, reminiscent of cider vinegar. The heat from the capsicum and peppercorns is just right, and you feel it more in your throat than in your mouth. Some people have said theirs was extremely smokey; maybe they've adjusted the formula, maybe they received a bad batch, or maybe my palate is just different. I taste a hint of smoke, but it's not overwhelming, and certainly isn't anything near the smokiness of a peated Irish or Scotch whiskey. I also tried it with a dash of bourbon just to see how well it mixed, and the flavors blended together very pleasantly. Main flavor notes I taste are the acetic apple aroma I mentioned before, the capsaicin, a touch of smoke, and the herbaceous flavor of what I assume is prickly ash, which contributes to the warm numbing mouthfeel. - As a mixer with cola: 5/5 The only mixing I've done with it so far is in a whiskle n' coke, to see how well it would satisfy my NA friend. This is the first time that it seemed to stand in for whiskey very convincingly. The aroma and taste, the heat lingering after the cola taste, all of it is extremely similar to drinking a whiskey and coke. It's exactly the purpose I bought it for, and it passes with flying colors. The avid drinker WILL notice that something is different about it, and that it's missing the vapor of booze, but I believe this is as close as anything could be to a "non-alcoholic whiskey coke". - As a general mocktail mixer: 5/5 Again, treating it as a distinct spirit rather than a pretender to whiskey, I mixed up a similarly distinct "vermouth alternative" out of a couple green bitterses, some sugar, a drop of balsamic vinegar, and a dash of tart fruit juice. The result is a very pleasant Not-Manhattan. I expect to try more mocktails with this one.

United States

New beginning

Just starting the transition, adjusting to the different taste, working on other combinations so not trying to exactly replicate a G&T or Scotch with a splash of water. The Whiskey alternative, straight, is a bit too sweet & peppery for me, so trying to add other mixes! All a learning process! Thanks for giving us an alternative.

Kishore V.
United States

Best non alcoholic drink yet!

We knew just from the smell that we were in for a treat when we tried Ritual’s non-alcoholic Irish Whiskey. The flavour is rich with subtle hints of oak and floral with a delightful burn to finish. We will definitely be purchasing this again!

Mile D.
United States

A good substitute in mixed drinks

The tequila and whiskey are both good in mixed drinks, but I don't think you'd be able to drink this straight. A good alternative!

Jawad M.
United States

Delicious Alternative

The whiskey is so impressive! Even gives you a little bit of a bite with the black pepper, and smells wonderful. I love drinking this to avoid FOMO and still feel like I'm connecting with friends without having to continue drinking booze.

Andrew T.
United States


I’ve been sober for 6 years now so I’ve always been looking for an alternative for alcohol and your whiskey is that alternative. I love the taste.

Jo R.
United States

Smart and Delicious

I really like RitualZero products. This wasn't my first order. on nanobar. I have enjoyed the gin with tonic last summer, and the tequila makes a tasty margarita (with fresh lime juice and some triple sec). I have enjoyed sipping on the whiskey alternative. Even though it's recommended to have it in a cocktail with a mixer, I really like it on the rocks for sipping (Jack Daniels girl at heart). I've yet to try the rum. Maybe this week, or later today with a caffeine free Pepsi. Thanks for what you do. I have friends and family who would like to try!

Betty B.
United States

Ritual Whisky alternative

I’ve had amazing service from nanobar. Comes quickly and have enjoyed whiskey Got it as a present and was astonished at how great it is! Beautiful bottles and the feel of drinking regular whiskey.I didn’t have to quit alcohol but sure have felt better. a great present for sure!!

Mark G.
United States

First NA Booze

I read or watched a lot of reviews before ordering Ritual! I knew ahead of time that the whiskey wasn’t going to taste like a real shot of bourbon! I ordered a bottle of whiskey and tequila! After trying both different ways I found that I liked the whiskey in hot tea with lemon and sugar. It has a nice floral aroma with that little bite on the back end that makes you think there is something in there! The tequila I found to be my favorite. Tequila, lime juice and ginger beer!! What a great drink! I’m ready to order my second bottle. This has been great for dry January! Plus, taking a break from alcohol! Think I’ll keep it up through February also!! Thanks for a great alternative!

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