Hardware FAQs

How do I use a nanobar?

Simply walk up to a nanobar, scan the QR code on the table and you will be prompted to add your ID and payment information, once completed the nanobar will unlock itself, anything that you take out will be automatically added to your cart. (Note: Once the nanobar is unlocked no other user can use it until that last user checkouts)


Do nanobars contain alcoholic beverages?

nanobars only carry non-alcoholic beverages (NA), all the beverages have <0.5% ABV.


What type of beverages can I find in a nanobar?

A nanobar typically carries NA beers, NA cocktails and CBD drinks. You can also find NA wine and functional drinks such as nootropics and adaptogens on occasion.


If there is no alcohol why do you check IDs?

We believe that because our beverages taste like the real thing it shouldn’t be available to underage people. Did you know that alcohol is the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United State? For more information please visit the NIH website.

Where can I find a nanobar?

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