Ritual Gin Alternative

22 reviews
alcohol free Ritual Gin Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Gin Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Gin Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Gin Alternative free shipping - nanobar
alcohol free Ritual Gin Alternative free shipping - nanobar

Ritual Gin Alternative

22 reviews
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Ritual Gin Alternative is the versatile friend who can hang at any party. Mix it with tonic and a squeeze of lime and you’ll have a truly all day G&T. The bright crisp flavor works as a substitute for vodka too, meaning your Sunday Bloody Mary just went guiltless.

Shaken or stirred, in a summer hammock or a winter Sunday morning, the only thing missing is the alcohol and calories.

Filtered water, natural flavors, sugar, xanthan gum, citric acid.

Serving Size 25.5oz
Calories: 0 kcal
Sodium: 0mg
Fat: 0g
Sugar: <17g
Carbs: 17g
Protein: 0g

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Johnny N.
United States

Very Good!

I think anyone who expected this to be exactly like gin was fooling themselves. Just as the description says it is like comparing a veggie burger to beef. The veggie can be good too if used correctly, but it will never be beef. I made an offhand ****** negroni using this, blutul sweet vermouth and Italian san bitter. Turned out freaking awesome. Made a gimlet with fresh squeezed lime juice, simple syrup and ritual. It also turned out awesome. Use it for mixing and it is amazing.

Jessica C.
United States


Delicious, whether you are alcohol free or not. Close enough to the flavor and feel of gin without trying to mimic it, it tastes natural, fresh, spicy, botanical… I’m never going back to real gin for my G&T cravings, why bother!

Amy D.
United States

Just like Gin!

I love this flavor! It has a plesant herbal flavor that does great with citrus, rosemary, and anything sparkling.

Kylie A.
United States

I love the concept!

I do enjoy drinking regularly. Not just for the buzz, but also for the flavor. I tried the gin & tequila, and both were interesting. I would say the tequila is my preferred alternative spirit, however it is a little too smokey in my opinion. I hope Ritual continues to make these products and maybe tweak the recipes a little down the road.

Lorenzo A.
United States

I'm enjoying it

Better than Seedlip's gin alternative. And I love nanobar PLUS shipping, it's just like Amazon Prime!

United States

Great with tonic

So far I’ve only tried my new favorite gin with tonic, Q tonic to be precise. It’s such a great combo I haven’t yet needed to move on! Though I am looking forward to a low alcohol martini as well as a Tom Collins!

Courtney B.
United States

Next best thing to the real thing

Wow wow wow!! Not the first time I bought this brand for other flavors! I had full faith in its quality even before I opened the bottle. No gimmick! It is what it says it is- non alcoholic gin. It looks like one ; it smells like one and surely it taste like one. One can easily get inebriated vicariously without the alcohol which is what makes this bottle worthy of trying

James M.
United States

Delicious and a wonderful healthy alternative

I purchased the zero proof Gin and Whiskey and I am very happy with both! The Gin is great with ginger beer and lime. The Whiskey is also great that way too but also stands well on it's own on the rocks. Will definitely purchase again!

Antoinette H.
United States

I'm SO thrilled to find this gin alternative!

Since hitting menopause, I've been very careful about my caloric intake & I have to also be very careful about empty calories from alcohol. I LOVE Gin & Tonics, but my body does not love the calories. So I'm so thrilled to have discovered this very tasty gin alternative. I pair this along with a 20 calorie small can of Fevertree Light Tonic water + lime....and it's just as tasty to me as a Gin & Tonic but with a mere fraction of the calories. My Dad is a big fan too and he has to avoid alcohol due to medical reasons so I also gifted him a bottle as well! I highly recommend this product!

Velma D.
United States

Don't drink straight, but fine in a gin and tonic!

As others have said, this does not taste like real gin. I did try it straight on ice just for a sip or two and no, that is not the way to drink this. However, I do have some homemade tonic that I've been making for some time and I've used many times in Gin and tonic; I used that with some lime and carbonated water to use the Ritual gin alternative to make a "gin and tonic" -- and that's quite enjoyable and drinkable! So this is absolutely something I could use to have a zero calorie gin and tonic -- because the homemade tonic I make with stevia, so it's zero calorie, and this gin alternative is likewise zero calorie and makes just a fine gin and tonic. Zero calories and zero alcohol, so that's a win!

Elizabeth S.
United States

Really Love It!

I can't drink alcohol at all for health reasons but I miss the taste. Ritual Gin and Rum both recreate the strong taste beautifully!

Kristi B.
United States

Thanks nanobar!

We are really enjoying these, while cutting back on alcohol. It makes us feel like we are enjoying a cocktail in the evening. Great taste! Please make a vodka one though!

United States

Amazing flavor

On point. Really delivers

Darnell M.
United States

Perfect for when I can't have the real thing

Similar to the Ritual "whiskey" offering, this was made to be mixed. I've been a Gin & Tonic guy since my college days because I'm a grumpy old man. Trying to dial back on my drinking (not quit, just dial back) and this is the best NA option I've tried so far. NONE of them taste exactly like gin--there's just no way to do hard liquor without the liquor--but with tonic and lime this comes darn close! I don't know if I'd make a gimlet or martini with it, but this wasn't made for straight-gin drinkers.

Rosalie N.
United States

Indistinguishable from gin in a G&T

As someone who cannot drink anymore yet LOVED gin and tonics, I loved this product. The bottle is absolutely beautiful, with premium packaging and a clear, clean look. The cork is tight, and the viscosity of the liquid is nice and mirrors liquor. It smells like a gin with pine-forward botanicals and a crisp, festive nose. As a whole, this product looks and feels expensive, premium, and top-shelf. Neat: Neat, it's definitely delicious, and it gives the feeling of a gin, but it's very watery at first. After you've had a drink, you feel like you've just had gin, but when you're drinking it, it's like a synthehol (Star Trek) version of gin. G&T: Some of the best G&T's I've ever had. It has that botanical feel, juniper/pine nose, floral notes, and intense burn that you expect of a gin. I first used Fever Tree Elderflower tonic with the juice of one lime and 2 oz gin, but this gin is so good that the complexity of the Fever Tree took away from the gin flavor. I then used a Canada Dry gin and did 1:1 gin/lime juice to tonic, and it was fantastic. Refreshing, delicious, and absolutely something I'll purchase again. Great job, Ritual! I'll be a life-long customer. Can't wait for the tequila!

Robt P.
United States

Adds a layer of complexity and sophistication to your mocktails

I can't really speak to how well this emulates the flavor of real gin, as I'm not really one to drink alcohol. However, I first learned about Ritual's non-alcoholic alternatives awhile back at a restaurant that offered mocktail pairings with a meal and exclusively used Ritual as the alcohol replacement. I bought a bottle and so far I've been quite impressed! If you're looking to step up your mocktails to be more than just a simple fruity and sugary drink (no judgment; I love a simple fruity drink!), this Ritual gin is great! It adds some bitterness that you might expect to get from alcohol, and just a good mix of herbal flavors. Start simple and mix it with some tonic water to get a sense for its flavor and go from there! You'll end up with a nice sophisticated tasting drink perfect for sipping or enjoying with a meal.

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