Spiritless - Lauren, Abbie & Lexie

Three entrepreneurs and entertainers with a love for Bourbon Country.

Risk takers and move makers. Winers and diners. Storytellers and saveurs. And they always want one more Manhattan. 

They love gathering for game days, spa days and work-all-days. But they’re also mamas who need to get up with our eight kids under eight (!!) for school days, play days and birthdays.

They have a business to run and a brand to build, up-and-comers to mentor, and movers and shakers to meet. They crave date night days and dance party days, but balance busting a move with early-bird-gets-the-worm days.

Spiritless Founders Group photo

That’s why they believe: less is yes.

Spiritless is their solution to saying yes to more — and more often. It reflects their roots in hospitality, high-end spirits and, of course, our beloved, bourbon-soaked hometown, Louisville. Yet it’s at the forefront of the no-and-low-proof cocktail movement. It empowers us to forge beautiful human-to-human connections, to make healthy decisions around our drinking choices, to pick our potency and enjoy our favorite spirits while still doing it all… no matter the circumstances, occasion or day.

We hope it will do the same for you.

Spiritless Lauren ChitwoodLauren, CEO

Lauren Chitwood is an entrepreneur and award-winning brand evangelist. Not content to rest on her laurels — or to rest, period —  her combination of head-in-the-clouds creativity and boots-on-the-ground hustle have earned Lauren a reputation for being nimble, innovative and, above all else, a problem-solver.

Spiritless Abbey Ferguson 

Abbey, CRO

Abbey Ferguson is a certified food and beverage whisperer. She’s an expert in all things culinary and lifestyle, from the conceptualization, partnership and execution of large-scale events like the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, to carefully curated influencer activations designed to get the right people talking.


Spiritless Lexie Lancaster

Lexie, COO

Lexie Lancaster Larsen is a sixth-generation entrepreneur whose roots run deep within both manufacturing and production and bourbon. Passionate about building businesses from the ground up, Spiritless is the third female-founded company Lexie has had the opportunity to grow.