Have A Blissful Evening with Kentucky 74 Alcohol-free Bourbon

Spiritless Non-alcoholic bourbon

Have you ever wanted to try savoring a non-alcoholic bourbon? You might wonder how it would taste? Marketplaces are filled with bourbon brands, but we hardly find high-quality, alcohol-free bourbon. However, that’s not the case with Kentucky 74.

It is more than just a mere talk of the town. Kentucky 74 launched just two years back, but the success and popularity of the product are massive. It's a perfect combination of neat and iced whiskey with specific alcohol of just 0.5%.

It is a blessing for the bourbon lovers in the entire world. You cannot miss a chance to try out a brand-new alcohol-free drink with the same original and crisp vibe as any regular bourbon containing alcohol. Years later, we have seen such a product in the whiskey category: alcohol-free bourbon.

Kentucky 74 is the new sensation all around the globe, which makes it the life of every event. Here’s an “all you need to know about Kentucky 74”.

 8 Reasons That Make Kentucky 74 A Well-deserved Heavenly Drink

Kentucky 74 is famous for countless reasons. Here's why you shouldn't miss your chance to savor it in your lifetime.

  • A Perfect Blend of American Oak, Vanilla, And Caramel

Do you wonder what the taste of Kentucky 74 would be like? Don't worry; we've got you covered. This alcohol-free bourbon contains an essence of smoky oak, buttery yet mouth-watering caramel combined with the perfect goodness of vanilla to act as a cherry on top. 

Moreover, it would contain the same vibe of old-fashioned whiskey. There is just a slight difference between it and other whiskeys, as the creators tried their best to put together a non-alcoholic bourbon close to the original bourbons.

You'll get the same essence as any regular bourbon. It is a huge favor to the non-alcoholic audience. Most people prefer alcohol-containing drinks, but some refrain due to the dizziness and chaotic aftermath of drinking alcohol. So, it is a perfect substitute for non-alcoholic pickers.

  • The Affordable Price

Unlike other whiskeys, Kentucky 74 is quite affordable. If you purchase Kentucky 74 from nanobar, you'll be able to buy a 750ml whiskey for just $35 only. On top of it, You can get 15% by signing up on nanobar newsletter.

You'll be able to savor this incredible bourbon more often. You can buy several packs and store them in your house to get a monthly supply.

  • First Alcohol-free Bourbon in The Marketplace

Up till now, there isn't a brand that devotedly manufactured a non-alcoholic bourbon. It is so far the first product that has been launched. With the exact flavor and delectability of any prestigious whiskey, it contains just 0.5% alcohol, which is quite negligible.

The best thing about Kentucky 74 is that you won't feel dizzy and feel the sensation of head spinning and sharp shooting pain in nerves after drinking it. The drink will be light, but the taste will be the same as an original bourbon.

  • Best For Mixing with Other Drinks

As it is an alcohol-free drink, you can utilize it in many ways. There are various methods to drink it. You can add the Kentucky 74 to your flavorsome mocktails or cocktails to add a perfect essence to it. Whether it is a traditional whiskey sour or an innovative ginger mint smash, add one or two shots of Kentucky 74, and voila! You've just created the best combination for a mocktail.

It is perfect for parties where you want to stay "alcohol-free" and enjoy the tasty yet neat iced drink.

  • A Sip of Its Own 

Many customers like to enjoy Kentucky 74 without combining it with other ingredients. The delectable and raw taste of smoked oak and tobacco and the sweet touch of vanilla, caramel, and orange will take you to a whole new level. Once you sip it, I swear you'll be addicted to it. The flavor will leave you wanting more. Also, there won't be a need to care about health issues.

  • It Won't Disturb Your Health

As the drink is made from all-natural ingredients and is spirit-free, it won't damage your organs. You can savor it to an utmost peak without caring about health issues. The best thing about it is that it provides the same rich flavor as whiskey but doesn't contain alcohol.

You might know that frequent and heavy use of alcohol can cause numerous death-threatening diseases. So, it would be better to cut it off from your lifestyle and replace it with Kentucky 74. It will serve as the perfect substitute for any prestigious bourbon but will be healthier and damage-free at the same time.

  • Life Of Parties

Kentucky 74 is a worldwide sensation. The world is incomplete without parties and celebrations. So, to bring life to parties, you can serve Kentucky 74 to your guests. They'll love it, plus it will be perfect as it is alcohol-free. The underage audience can also enjoy and get a chance to savor the same flavor of a rich whiskey.

You can try mixing it with other ingredients to create tasty and flavorsome cocktails or sip it on its own to feel the traditional rich vibe of a whiskey.

  • Your Vibe Partner

Vibing without a drink is incomplete. Whenever you need drinks to relax and replenish yourself, Kentucky 74 can also be your perfect partner. Whether you are partying with many friends or in solitude and tranquil environment, drinking Kentucky 74 would be an ideal choice. Moreover, like other traditional bourbons, you won't feel dizzy and continue your work anytime.


Drinking is a part of a lifestyle, but frequent drinking can lead to major diseases. So, to cope with that, we have a perfect solution for you, Kentucky 74. No matter how much you drink it, you won't have any adverse effects on your health as the alcohol percentage is relatively low. 

On top of it, the flavor is the same as other bourbons. So, add this non-alcoholic bourbon to your wish list and take a step forward to a healthy lifestyle.